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Modern Class Info.

Objectives: (The students should be able to)

1.Identify the use of space, time and effort while using the body as an instrument.

2.Identify basic dance terminology

3.Explore improvisation and choreography as it applies to dance composition

4.Explore health and fitness for the dancer

5.Describe the history of Modern Dance and Ballet

6.Explore the process and product of a dance performance


•Three-Ring Binder with Pockets, Four Dividers

•Female Dress Code:

Black Leotards and black footless tights, Black jazz (dance) pants. Dance cover-ups are acceptable (during warm-up) over leotard and tights as long as they are suitable for movement. Hair must be pulled away from the face. Flesh colored, Lyrical shoes are optional. No Loose Clothing!

•Male Dress Code:

Black Fitted T-shirt, Black Dance pants and/or form-fitting sweat pants. Make sure that all clothing is suitable for movement. A dance belt (support) or athletic supporter may be advisable. Flesh colored, Lyrical shoes are optional. No Loose Clothing!

Grading: Participation/Performance Tests and Projects


Participation –Students will receive 10 points daily. There will be 5 points received for dressing in dance attire. There will be 5 points received for dance participation and attitude. Points will be deducted for negative attitude, failure to follow dress codes, failure to perform and participate during class and/or failure to complete performances.

Tests/Projects- Tests and Projects will be both written and/or movement-based.

Notebook- Dance Notebooks will consist of 4 sections as follows: Dance Terminology & Notes/Handouts, Question & Answer Application, Journal Your Thoughts, Quizzes/Tests

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