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*Common Registration Questions*


Question: Can I mix up the courses? For example, can I take Modern I during the Fall and Jazz I during the spring?


Answer: NO! It is required that you consecutively take a full year of Modern and/ or a full year of Jazz; do NOT mix and match the classes. **Remember Spring Classes are a continuation of the Fall and therefore more difficult!!



Question: What type of credit do I receive for each class?


Answer: Each class is worth 1 a fine arts credit.                               

 (For example: Modern IA (Fall) = ½ Fine Arts credit,        

                         Modern IB (Spring) = ½ Fine Arts Credit


 Question: I already have dance training. Can I sign up for an upper level course like Modern II?


Answer: No! Modern II, Modern III and Modern IV have prerequisites. You must have a full year and Modern I AND Jazz I to enter upper level classes. Admission into those classes needs prior approval from the Mrs. Nwabude Garcia.


(If you have prior extensive training and are interested in upper level placement, complete the upper level application/audition process before the registration period ends.)


Question: Do dance students perform?


Answer: Yes! Dance students receive performance opportunities in and out of class. The Marietta Dance Ensemble performs in dance concerts, and for both school & community events.


If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mrs. Nwabude at


Upper Level Placement Application/Audition Packet

Please Complete

Attached PDF by Dec. 10 -MMS

By Jan. 30 - MHS

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